After being a successful stud breeder of 8 South African Breeds, I can undoubtedly refer to the two breeds we offer you as being the most profitable and superior.



45 Years of Stud Breeding, studying animals and applying the latest scientific selection method with nature to lower input cost has taught us the value of:
   ●  Farming with in Harmony and Balance with Nature
   ●  Composite and Indigenous Breeds for Profit Driven Selection
   ●  Breeds that are adapted to their Natural Environment
   ●  Selecting for Profitability instead of Aesthetics and just a pretty picture


   Clynton Collett - 051 654 0538 / crc@collettgroup.com
   Mario du Preez - 081 489 0198 / mario@collettgroup.com
   La Rochelle Farm, Bethulie

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